Driver's BIO

Showcase your driving skills to the world by adding your laps and linked videos to Racetrack Hero.

Whether you input your laps through our app or utilize one of our hands-off telemetry devices, maintaining your driving record is effortless.

Keep track of your seat time, racetrack mileage, and fastest lap times seamlessly!

Your driving, Your Reputation

Have you ever spent countless hours filling out your driver’s resume when registering for HPDE events? With Racetrack Hero BIO, you no longer have to worry about that. Simply share the link provided by the event host to prove your driving record.

Your Driving History, On Track

Driver rank

Higher rank is achieved through more seat time and completing a greater number of laps.

Racetracks and Laptimes

Your presence and time spent on various racetracks. This includes lap times and YouTube videos as a proof for each lap time.

Your Car

Model, make and its configuration. Let other drivers see what mods you run.

Easily Shareable


Obtain your unique URL identity that you can share with anyone!


Stick the QR Code onto your race car. By-standers, hosts and others will be able to easily scan the code to view your Driver’s BIO and see your driving.

Car Profile

Create your own garage and keep track of your driving record for each car. All of your lap times will be associated with the specific car.

Printable QR CODE

Gain access to your unique QR code. You can either print it at home or order high-quality vinyl from our online store. Simply place it on your car so that others can scan it.

Racetrack History

This feature displays all racetracks you have visited. You can link YouTube clips to your proudest moments on the track and let others learn from you.

Racetrack Hero App

14-day Free Trial

Enroll in our 14-days trial to create your own Driver’s BIO. Free trial will allow you to access leaderboards, watch live HPDE events and discover many other Racetrack Hero features.

What you get

The app access allows you to create your own Drivers BIO that you can share with HPDE hosts or social media accounts via a unique URL Link tied to your profile or a QR Code. Show off your lap times by linking videos and telemetry to them via our app.

Driver's BIO

The basic plan allows you to submit your lap times (with videos) to the platform and build your Driver's Bio shareable via unique URL and QR code. The QR Code can be provided for your car, allowing bystanders to scan it and display your lap times.
$ 5
  • Personal Driver's BIO
  • Access to Global Leaderboards.
  • Access to in-app garage.

Full Plan

This plan includes all basic plan features. Additionally, gain access to coaching features and uploading laps with telemetry.
$ 15
  • Personal Driver's BIO.
  • Access to Global Leaderboards.
  • Access to live events (HPDE, Time Trials and Races).
  • Compare your lap times with other drivers.
  • Access to coaching mode. Review other drivers laps, post notes and comments.