Your car in real-time, compete with friends, get a critique, and even watch later.

Real-time Telemetry

We are the first telemetry open-source device with real-time data streaming.

  • Live leaderboards are delivered to your car via car-to-car communication.
  • Live telemetry streamed for coaches and spectators via SMS and Racetrack Hero App.
  • All your data is in one single place.
  • LTE, 5G seamless communication to the cloud.
  • Up to 20 positions per second mean a more accurate analysis of your driving.
  • Easy to use. Simply plug it in and drive.
  • Fully open-source, build your own device (DIY) or order plug-and-play device from us. 


Real-time data streaming from your car

Focus on driving and see how you stack up against your opponents.  Know when to back off and when to push. The Racetrack Hero device provides live scoreboards when doing timed trials or racing with your buddies.

Easy to use

No tapping, clicking, or scrolling. The device will automatically start streaming your data to our platform as soon as you start driving on a racetrack.  All devices have built-in internet modems and do not require pairing to your phone.

Data in one place

Your data is transmitted every 0.5 seconds to the Racetrack Hero platform, allowing for quick analysis by your racing team, friends, and coaches. They can draw lines and provide feedback to improve your performance in real-time at the track.



HPDE events are all about driver education and are not competitive. Timing your driving is forbidden. With Racetrack Hero, you can toggle the device to HPDE mode, where lap times are hidden from your screen, but are transmitted to the Racetrack Hero platform for post-race analysis.

Location-based Data

If you and your friends participate in the same event on a given track,  the Racetrack Hero Platform will sense you are at the same location and stream the leaderboard to your car in real-time.  Drivers can see LIVE how others are performing. No more paddock phone app comparisons. You arrive into the paddock and everyone is up to date how they did.


Instant Coaching Feedback


Since your driving data is streamed in real-time to the Racetrack Hero, coaches can provide you  with notes in real time. Simply open the app between sessions and read coaching notes.



Coaches can see your racing line and draw on the map to provide you with valuable tips in real-time. 


SMS Notifications

Opt-in to receive e-mail notifications from racetracks around the world to see driver’s lap times and leaderboards in real-time.


Maintains your Driver BIO Automatically

Racetrack hero automatically updates your Bio.  Simply place the device in your car before driving on the racetrack and it will automatically find your track and begin updating your profile – in real-time.

Your driving, Your pride

Have you ever spent countless hours filling out your driver’s resume for HPDE registrations? With Racetrack Hero BIO, you no longer have to worry about that – simply share the link from the event host to prove your driving record.

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Please note that all devices require payment for a  monthly subscription to cover data charges. Each device has an LTE built-in modem.  The Racetrack App subscription is $15/month. Subscribe directly from the Google Play, App Store or via our Web App.

Racetrack Hero Timing and Data Acquisition Devices

All of our systems stream your driving data in real-time to the cloud and is available to you and other members of the platform(opt-in). This includes spectators, coaches, and even other drivers who are at the track with you. Both systems require full access to the Racetrack Hero App.

Racetrack Hero TS

This touchscreen device allows drivers to see their lap times in real-time and compare with other drivers at the same location. Drivers can see their placement on daily scoreboards for a given location and receive text notifications indicating their fastest lap for the session.

This unit sends all telemetry data to the cloud for further analysis by coaches and other drivers to refine your driving skills.

“It is the first device that I know that can stream my friends lap times to my car while I am driving. When my buddies and I are on track in the same group, I can see how they are all doing. The real-time scoreboard is amazing and text notifications with scoreboards at the end of each session are awesome!” – John (HPDE Driver)

Racetrack Hero HD

This device allows drivers to see their lap times at the end of a driving session. Similar to the Racetrack Hero TS, this system offers the same data streaming capabilities, text notifications, and daily scoreboard access.

“It doesn’t matter where I am, I can provide real-time instructions to my students who use Rhero HD. I see their driving telemetry in real-time, just like in Formula 1 style. I provide them with tips by drawing on the map in real-time so they can review my tips between their HPDE sessions.” Bart (PCA Instructor)


Please note that all devices require payment for a  monthly subscription to cover data charges. Each device has an LTE built-in modem.  The Racetrack App subscription $15/month. Subscribe directly from the Google Play, App Store or via our Web App.